Using Lipstick as a Blush: A Game-Changing Beauty Hack

lipstick as a blush

Makeup enthusiasts constantly seek innovative hacks. Using lipstick as a cream blush is game-changing. This technique offers a fresh, dewy glow. It creates a natural, flushed look.

Repurposing lipstick shades as cheek tints achieves radiance. The creamy texture provides long-lasting color. This multi-purpose makeup look saves time and money.

Executing this beauty hack is effortless. Embracing lipstick as blush simplifies routines. Explore shades for a cohesive, healthy glow.

Key Takeaways

  • Lipstick can be repurposed as a multi-use cream blush for a fresh, dewy look
  • Using lipstick as a blush creates a natural, flushed appearance for a monochromatic makeup look
  • The creamy texture and pigmentation of lipstick make it an ideal choice for a creamy cheek color
  • Versatility and ease of application make this beauty hack a game-changer
  • Simplifies makeup routine and allows for exploration of a wider range of shades

The Viral TikTok Blush Hack

A recent TikTok trend has
taken the internet by storm.
Makeup artist @glamwithdaminee’s viral video demonstrates an innovative blush application technique.

It has amassed an impressive 1.7 million views and tens of thousands of shares and likes1.

Daminee’s Blush Application Technique

Daminee’s method involves placing the thumb at the outer corner of the nose.
Creating an L-shape with the hand, apply blush in the negative space.
This hack achieves a lifted, flushed look by concentrating blush on the apples of the cheeks.

The blush is then blended upwards towards the temples1.

Why It’s a Game-Changer

Viewers praise this simple yet effective technique as a game-changer.
The hack allows users to achieve a natural, lifted look without expensive products.
It doesn’t require complex application methods.

The article highlights affordable blush options like e.l.f.’s Blush Brush for £6.
Eco Tools’ Skin Perfecting Brush at £7.95, and various powder and liquid blush formulas ranging from £4 to £32.

The TikTok blush hack is appealing for those who already own a preferred blush product.
It doesn’t require additional spending on new items1.
This cost-effective beauty tip empowers users to elevate their makeup looks without breaking the bank.

The hack works well with powder blush but may require adjustments for liquid blush formulas.
For example, the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush priced at £191.
This versatility allows users to experiment with the technique across various blush products.

Overall, @glamwithdaminee’s viral TikTok blush hack has captured the beauty community’s attention.
It offers a simple yet transformative makeup application method.
The hack helps users achieve a lifted, flushed appearance123.

Trying the Lipstick as a Blush Hack

Embracing the lipstick-as-blush trend can refresh your makeup routine. To successfully execute this viral hack, you’ll need essential tools and products4.

Tools and Products Needed

For powder blushes, use an angled brush like the e.l.f. Blush Brush. This allows precise application in the desired area4.

For liquid or cream blushes, a dense foundation brush presses the product into skin. The NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Brush works well4.

Use a tool enabling controlled, targeted blush application – powder or cream formula.

You’ll need your favorite lipstick shade and a complementary powder or cream blush. Matte lipsticks and blushes create a long-lasting, natural flush5. But experiment with formulas for your desired look.

“The lipstick-as-blush hack is a game-changer because it allows you to use products you already own in a multi-purpose way, saving time and money.”

With these tools and products, achieve a stunning, flushed complexion lasting all day5. Discover your signature look by playing with color combinations6.

Powder vs. Cream Blush

Powder blushes provide a matte finish. They offer buildable coverage and control. Cream blushes give a dewy glow. Those with dry skin may prefer cream.

Cream blush can add extra shine. It may clog pores on oily skin. Powder blush may accentuate dry patches.

Makeup artists recommend having both types.

Powder Blush Cream Blush
Offers a matte, buildable finish7 Provides a dewy, glowing look7
Longer-lasting and more controlled application8 Blends more seamlessly on dry skin9
Requires a silky, fluffy brush for application8 Available in various formats like tubes, wands, compacts, or twist-up sticks7
Needs to be layered over a veil of setting powder for a flawless application8 Offers skincare benefits such as hydration or antioxidants7
May not be ideal for dry skin types, which need proper nourishment before application8 Best applied on clean skin or over liquid/cream foundation7
Can look flat if not blended correctly8 Can provide a dewy complexion7
Offers a wider range of colors compared to cream blushes8 Has a shorter shelf life compared to powder blushes7

The choice depends on preference and skin type. Drier skin may suit cream blushes better. Oilier skin may prefer powder blushes.

powder blush vs cream blush

“Makeup artists recommend having both cream and powder blush in the collection for versatile use.”

lipstick as a blush

Using lipstick as a blush is an innovative beauty hack. Applying lipstick to the cheeks creates a stunning, natural makeup look. Simply blend onto the apples, achieving a flushed look affordably10.

Makeup artists suggest using satin finish lipsticks for blending. They provide a glowy effect. Avoid long-wear or lip stain formulas as they dry quickly. Instead, opt for lip balms or products with oil content for radiance10.

Apply lipstick as a blush with a brush for better opacity. Bright shades work well on apples, while cool or brown-based suit cheekbones. Experiment to find your ideal application and shades10.

Affordable and Multi-Purpose Options

Using lipstick as a blush is affordable and versatile. Brands like Rare Beauty, Bobbi Brown, and VIEVE offer affordable makeup doubling as lip color and cream blush10. Achieve a stunning flushed look while streamlining your routine11.

The FOREVER MATTES LONGWEAR LIPSTICKS from Valentino Beauty are excellent choices. With seven exquisite shades, the long-lasting formula keeps your blush impeccable. Warm the lipstick and blend onto apples with fingers or sponge11.

Mix lipstick with Vaseline for a softer finish before applying. Set with translucent or matching powder blush for desired effect11.

lipstick as blush

These affordable and multi-purpose options let you easily incorporate the lipstick as a blush hack. Achieve a stunning, natural makeup look perfect for any occasion1011.

“I’ve been using Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush as a lipstick for over 10 years now. The application technique is simple – just use your pinky finger to press the blush onto your lips for amazing staying power.” – Makeup Artist12

As this makeup artist demonstrates, the lipstick as a blush trend gains popularity. Makeup enthusiasts explore creative ways to use favorite products innovatively12.

Tips and Tricks

Apply lipstick-blush to both sides of the face. This creates a balanced, symmetrical look with evenly distributed color.

Use a gentle, tapping motion to blend. Press the lipstick-blush into skin with fingers or damp sponge. Follow with light, circular motions to diffuse edges.

This technique allows blush to melt into skin for a natural, flushed appearance.

Blending and Setting Techniques

Set lipstick-blush with translucent powder to lock color and prevent fading. Or, use matching powder blush for extra longevity.

Mix lipstick with Vaseline before applying for a soft, dreamy finish. This adds subtle sheen and hydration for radiant glow.

Following these tips transforms lipstick into versatile, long-lasting blush. Experiment with shades and techniques to enhance natural beauty and makeup longevity.

Best Lipstick-Blush Combinations

Some lipstick shades work well as blushes. This creates a cohesive, monochromatic makeup look13. We found 3 universal, flattering lipstick-blush combos. They offer a natural flush when used as cream blush13.

The Sisley Phyto-Rouge Shine 12 Sheer Cocoa needs 3-4 applications for long-lasting color13. The Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo has a satin finish after 30 minutes13. The Dior Rouge Dior Refillable lipstick, coral-pink with plum tones, is fantastic too13.

Lipstick-Blush Combo Undertone Finish Price
Fenty Petal Poppin blush + Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon Warm, coral-pink Satin $34 + $30 = $64
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow (sand) bronzer Warm, sunkissed Satin $60
Guerlain Rouge G lipstick (214) Warm, red-based Velvet-matte $37

Experiment with your existing lipsticks to find the perfect blush match14. 60% of makeup artists preferred cream blush over powder for cheek-lip combos14. 30% favored monochromatic makeup looks using the same shade on cheeks and lips14.

When pairing lipstick-blush, consider undertones and color-matching15. Matching undertones enhances the overall look by making your face appear lively15. For example, warmer brown lipstick-blush hues suited the writer’s skin tone best15.

For an affordable option, try L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Intense Matte Lipstick ($14) and Radiant Satin Blush ($13)15. The lipstick has hyaluronic acid for moisture and long wear15. The blush offers buildable, warm undertones15. The L’Oréal Glow Paradise Lip and Cheek Tint is also versatile for monochrome looks.

Exploring lipstick-blush pairings opens new possibilities for multi-use makeup. You can create cohesive, flattering looks with few products. Experiment with your lipsticks to find perfect blush shades for a seamless monochromatic finish.


Utilizing lipstick as a blush is an ingenious beauty hack. It allows you to achieve a natural, flushed look effortlessly. This multi-use technique saves time and money16.

Repurposing your favorite lipstick shades as cream blush lets you experiment. You can try various colors and finishes to suit preferences. It creates a cohesive, monochromatic makeup look16.

This hack streamlines your makeup routine, exploring multi-use products’ benefits. Studies show lipstick boosts confidence in regular wearers. The right shade can make a woman appear attractive17.

Embrace the lipstick-as-blush trend to elevate your makeup routine. With simple steps, transform your lipstick into versatile cream blush. Save time and money in the process18.

Experiment with bold shades or achieve a natural, effortless glow. This affordable, time-saving hack is a must-try for makeup enthusiasts. Let your creativity shine with this revamped beauty routine!

Discover the Benefits: Using Lipstick as Blush Effectively


What makes using lipstick as a blush a game-changing beauty hack?

Using lipstick as a blush offers a fresh, dewy look. It gives you a natural flushed glow. You can achieve a radiant, monochromatic makeup style. It also saves time and money by repurposing lipsticks.

What is the viral TikTok blush application technique?

The technique involves placing the thumb at the nose’s outer corner. Creating an L-shape with the hand, applying blush in the space. This hack helps achieve a lifted, flushed look. It concentrates blush on the apples of the cheeks.

What tools are needed to try the lipstick-as-blush hack?

The essential tools are a powder or cream blush, an angled brush. For powder blush, e.l.f. Blush Brush or Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush work well. For liquid/cream blush, use a dense foundation brush like NYX Professional Makeup Brush.

What are the differences between powder and cream blush when using lipstick as a blush?

Powder blushes give a matte, buildable finish. Cream/liquid blushes offer a dewy, glowing look. Those with drier skin may prefer cream blushes for luminosity. Those with oilier skin may like powder blushes for longer wear.

How can you achieve a natural, flushed look using lipstick as a blush?

Apply lipstick directly to the apples of the cheeks. Blend outwards for a soft, radiant glow. Affordable lipstick options like Rare Beauty, Bobbi Brown, and VIEVE can double as cream blush.

What are some tips and tricks for applying and setting lipstick-as-blush?

Apply product to both sides for balance and symmetry. Use a tapping motion to press into skin. Diffuse edges with circular motions. Set with translucent powder for longer wear.

What are some of the best lipstick-blush combinations?

Some great lipstick-blush combinations include Sisley Phyto-Rouge Shine 12, Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo, and Dior Rouge Dior Refillable lipstick. These shades offer a natural, complexion-flattering flush when used as cream blush.

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